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Our Wrap Up Video For 2019

  Merry Christmas and thanks for making 2019 one to remember…although, we wouldn’t mind forgetting the end of this more »


This Mans Super Power Is…His Farts Kill Mosquitoes

There’s a 48-year-old guy named Joe Rwamirama in Kampala, Uganda.  And he’s pretty famous around his home village for his FLATULENCE.  Because there’s something unique about his gas that KILLS MOSQUITOES.  He says no one in his village has EVER gotten malaria because his gas had created a mosquito-free zone with a six-mile radius.  And…read more »

little dog

Little Dog Makes Big Mistake

Police in Louisiana shared security camera footage from an incident at a gas station involving a Chihuahua that managed to drive its owner’s vehicle across a street.  read more »

deer shack2

Good Times At The Deer Shack

Wisconsin hunters will be out in force this weekend for the opener of the deer gun season.  When they’re not out tracking that trophy buck, the lucky ones will be hunkered down in a little place called the ‘Deer Shack‘. Click below and we hope you enjoy our tribute to the greatest place to be…read more »

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