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toilet paper fight

Has The Whole World Gone Crazy!?

People are so paranoid about the coronavirus disrupting shipping, stores in a bunch of different countries have been running out of toilet paper.  Two women in Australia got into a brawl the other day when one of them filled her cart up, and there were no rolls left.     #BREAKING: A scuffle broke out at a Woolworths in…read more »

good kitty

Cat Lends A Helping Paw

Would you look at this.  A cat who can’t get to his food bowl because of his “Cone of Shame” gets help from another cat who uses his paw to hold the bowl down so he can eat.  Video proof that cats do care about other things besides themselves, as long as that other thing is…read more »


Five Things to Look Forward to in March

    After an extra-long February, March has finally arrived.  Here are a few things to look forward to this month . . .     1.  Daylight Saving Time starts.  We spring forward this Sunday, March 8th.  So if you’re a fan of the sun setting later in the day, that’s good news.  …read more »

weather facebook filter

Reporter Turns on Facebook Filter While Live

A reporter in North Carolina accidentally turned on the Facebook Mystery Mask filter right before doing a weather report on location. I actually think this should become mandatory for all live weather reports. BTW, love the ending when the report is over he asks the control room if he had “a weird face.”    read more »

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