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“Everlong” By The Foo Fighters Saved David Letterman’s Life

Behind David Letterman’s Favorite Song, “Everlong,” by Dave Grohl & Foo Fighters ” American Songwriter David Letterman called it “my favorite song by my favorite band.” During his recovery from heart surgery in 2000, he said, this was the song that got him through. Here is the final musical performance of the Foo’s on Dave’s…read more »


The Guinness Record for Most Jenga Blocks Stacked on One Piece

We had no idea this was even a thing, but now we do thanks to Guinness World Records.  An Arizona man named Tai Star Valianti set a Guinness record by stacking 485 Jenga blocks on top of ONE vertical Jenga piece.  It took him two hours.  He broke his own record from last year of…read more »

baseball drop

Highest Baseball Catch Ever

This morning on our “Something Worth Remembering” segment of The Big Cheese Morning Show, Newsman Paul Hart said that on this date, July 22nd back in 1926 Babe Ruth caught a baseball that was dropped from an airplane flying at about 250 feet.  A stunt that Paul said he could have accomplished back in his high…read more »


A Website That Generates A Sweet 90’s Music festival For You

  Missing all the big music festivals this summer?  Maybe this’ll help.  Some guy created a website that randomly generates massive ’90s music festivals that you can actually watch.  From Rage Against The Machine, Beck, Nirvana, A Tribe Called Quest and a decades worth of more bands. 90s Festival Generator Middle aged nostalgia presents A…read more »

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