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James and the News

James Hetfield and The News

Not gonna lie, this is so well done that it’s hard for my brain to even process it.  It’s like sitting in algebra while the teacher scribbles on the overhead and solves linear equations.  I pretend that I know what the hell is going on, but I don’t.   I’m lost.  Somebody did a video mashup they…read more »

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An Adorable Girl Scout Cookie Sales Pitch

And the best sales pitch from the past 100 years goes to (drum roll) this girl. Meet Allie Shroyer a first grader from Arizona.  Her video has gone viral because of her adorable Girl Scout cookie sales pitch.  It’s a doorbell cam video where she lists all the reasons you should buy her cookies.  Take my…read more »

David Bowie Album Art

Listen To A Previously Unreleased David Bowie Single Released On His Birthday

David Bowie would have been 74 years-old today.  To celebrate the birth of the Rock & Roll Hall Of Famer, a previously unreleased cover of Bob Dylan’s “Tryin’ To Get To Heaven” has been released.  This was originally recorded in February 1998 during the mixing sessions for the live album “Live And Well”.  Enjoy the birthday…read more »


Christmas Cookies To Bake Over Your Holiday Break

You’re Gonna Want To Try All Of These Cookie Recipes During Your Holiday Break And you’ll definitely want to sneak a taste before leaving them out for Santa! The holidays are the perfect excuse to get baking and these cookie recipes, curated by TikTok’s best bakers, will have you running to the kitchen. Here are…read more »

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