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rick moranis

Look, It’s Rick Moranis!

Rick Moranis stepped away from Hollywood in the early ’90s to raise his kids after his wife died of breast cancer . . . and he’s basically been M.I.A. ever since.  But he’s been lured out of retirement to do a commercial with Ryan Reynolds for Mint Mobile.  The clip is mostly just Ryan fangirling…read more »

wiz drummer

Ten-year-old super drummer Nandi Bushell challenged Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters to a drum off.  Watch her nail “Everlong” and see Dave Grohl accept the challenge and return the favor on his daughters drum set.  Just another reason to love Dave.   Dave fired back with a challenge for Nandi, “Dead End Friends” from…read more »

dance girl

Watch This Little Girl “Not” Dance at Her Dance Recital

Ladies and gentlemen put your hands together for a four-year-old girl who’s the only performer at her dance recital who’s NOT dancing.  She dances when she wants to, not when people tell her to.  Adorable! @chubbybeagleWent to my niece’s outdoor dance recital and witnessed this legend. ##dancrecital ##legend♬ original sound – chubbybeagleread more »

cat song3

A Cat That Sings Led Zeppelin

As a guy that has a Siamese cat, I know the shrieking sounds of “feed me” or “where have you been human” oh to well.  But this is fantastic.  Someone synced up their cat’s meow with Robert Plant’s opening howl from Led Zeppelin’s “Immigrant Song“.  It’s a perfect match. -Travread more »

v concert

The World’s First Socially Distanced Arena Show

There’s a new arena in England that bills itself as the world’s first socially distanced concert venue.  Groups are separated in their own sectioned-off “pods”, with several feet in between.  They held a show there on Tuesday, and it seemed to work really well. The UK’s first socially distanced gig is happening now in Newcastle…read more »

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