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dog howl

A Dog With a Very Peculiar Howl

Someone described this video as “a dog that’s cursed with the howl of a man trapped inside its body.”  We don’t disagree.     Can’t stop screaming at this dog’s lightly cursed howling — ashy podcast host (@dreadcraft) October 8, 2020read more »

eddie v

Eddie Van Halen’s Isolated Guitar on “Hot For Teacher”

  Eddie Van Halen lost his ten-year battle with cancer yesterday.  He was 65.  He was one of rock’s greatest innovators on the guitar.  Below is “Hot For Teacher” like you’ve never heard it before with his isolated guitar and the band mixed out so you can hear the wizardry of his lead guitar work.  R.I.P.…read more »

Rock and Grohl 1

The 10-Year-Old Vs. Dave Grohl Drum Battle Continues

Remember that 10-year-old girl Dave Grohl has been drum-battling?  He wrote a song for her, so she did the same.  Her name is Nandi Bushell and she is legit-awesome.  She plays all the instruments and she is 100% Rock n Roll!   Check out  her song “Rock and Grohl” below.  read more »

burrito pop

A New Invention Lets You Eat Your Burrito with Less Mess

This is genius and ridiculous all at the same time.  There’s a new product that’s like a stick of Chapstick for your burrito.  You put your burrito in the tube, then twist the bottom to make your burrito pop up slowly.  That makes it a way less messy option for burrito eating.  You can pre-order…read more »

chicken acdc

‘Back In Black’ Chicken Cover

YouTuber Chickensan uses his trusty rubber chicken to squeak out this version of  AC/DC’s Back In Black.  I played this at work and laugh and laughed, my coworkers not so much.  read more »

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