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This Guy Perfectly Sums Up 2020

Comedian named Rodney Norman did a video where he tries to explain what’s going on in the world right now . . . and what he says makes absolutely no sense.  Which, when you think about it, is pretty much how we’re all feeling.  read more »


Album by Album with Huey Lewis

Huey Lewis breaks down all the bands albums from their first to their last.  He shares the history of the group that spans 40 years and talks about his inner ear disorder that caused the band to stop performing for now but hopes to stabilize it so they can play again.  Plus, it’s a nice…read more »

lawn mower3

Lawn Mowing Hack

Gotta cut the grass this weekend?  Well check out this video of a lawn mower cutting the grass by itself.  read more »

washing machine 33

“Take On Me” Played On a Washing Machine

     Watch these two dudes with way to much time on their hands, use the sound effects from their washing machine to play the a-ha classic “Take On Me”.   this is the greatest thing ive seen all day — glitch! @ tireddd (@GlitchyFur) May 20, 2020read more »

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