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There Was an Insane Brawl at the End of “Thursday Night Football”

The Browns beat the Steelers 21-7 last night on Thursday Night Football.  But the big story came in the final seconds when Browns defensive end Myles Garrett tackled Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph.  They started fighting on the ground, and grabbing each other’s helmets. Garrett actually yanked Rudolph’s helmet off, and then used it as a…read more »

blind spot

A Girl Not Old Enough To Drive Invented A Way To Eliminate Blind Spots

A 14-year-old in Pennsylvania came up with a video projector system to install in cars that basically eliminates blind spots.  She recently debuted it at a science fair for super-smart kids and won the $25,000 grand prize.  Now car companies are looking into offering it as a feature. The girls name is Alaina Gassler and you can…read more »

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