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Rita Wilson and Naughty By Nature Team Up For The Ultimate Remix

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson were a few of the first celebrities to contract the coronavirus and thank God both have recovered and are doing great.  Tom has given the world some updates on twitter but for the most part it’s Rita that’s been showing off and having fun while spending time at home.  Last…read more »

this lady is awesome

Hate Phone Scammers? Try This Lady’s Solution

If this Pennsylvania woman’s solution to phone scammers doesn’t stop the calls, nothing will.  We should all try this the next time we get a call about how are cars warranty is about to expire. Watch below and enjoy!    read more »

toilet paper fight

Has The Whole World Gone Crazy!?

People are so paranoid about the coronavirus disrupting shipping, stores in a bunch of different countries have been running out of toilet paper.  Two women in Australia got into a brawl the other day when one of them filled her cart up, and there were no rolls left.     #BREAKING: A scuffle broke out at a Woolworths in…read more »

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