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Adopt A Dog Get Some Doobies

Everyone loves a good old fashion fundraiser.  A company that offers products or services teams up with a non-profit to bring awareness and help out the cause.  Well, this past weekend a Marijuana Dispensary in Arizona thought they would combine cannabis and canines to help out a local animal shelter.  Adopt a dog and get…read more »

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HBO Is Developing A GameStop Movie

GameStop Film in Development at HBO A scripted GameStop film is in development at HBO. The project hails from executive producers Andrew Ross Sorkin of TBTF Productions, Len Amato of Crash&Salvage, and Jason Blum of Blumhouse Television. The film is described as exploring how a populist uprising of social media day traders beat Wall Street…read more »

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Wisconsin Please Make This Our Groundhog Day Tradition

I truly believe that Sun Prairie, Wisconsin unintentionally stumbled upon what should be the new Groundhog Day tradition. If “Jimmy” bites the mayor, it’s an early spring. No bite, six more weeks of winter. Sorry Mayor, small price to pay for a legitimate tradition.  read more »

Good Riddance Cake

The Perfect Cake For A Cheater

Meet our new favorite baker.  Not only can she whip up a great cake but she can tell a great story too.  So, she works at a bakery and shared a story on TikTok about the weirdest cake request she’s ever got. @farthistorystudentmy life feels like a sitcom sometimes #baketok #bridgerton #BachelorReady #messytiktok♬ original sound…read more »

James and the News

James Hetfield and The News

Not gonna lie, this is so well done that it’s hard for my brain to even process it.  It’s like sitting in algebra while the teacher scribbles on the overhead and solves linear equations.  I pretend that I know what the hell is going on, but I don’t.   I’m lost.  Somebody did a video mashup they…read more »

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