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ford bed

Ford Created a Bed That Prevents Your Partner From Hogging

Have you ever woken up hanging halfway off the bed because somehow your significant other managed to shift themselves across two-thirds of the damn thing during the night?  Then this is for you.    Ford just invented a bed that stops one person from hogging too much space.  The bed has sensors in it that…read more »


A Nursing Home’s Bingo Night Goes Bad When Two Women Get into a Brawl

If you’ve ever played bingo with old folks, you know they DON’T mess around.  So frankly, I’m surprised stuff like this doesn’t happen more often. The police in Rideau Lakes, Ontario, Canada got a call on Tuesday afternoon from a nursing home. . . because of a BINGO BRAWL. Apparently, a 79-year-old woman and an…read more »

Aldi Cheese _ Size

Aldi’s New Cheeses Named After 80’s Songs

There have been plenty of artists who have put out their own wines and beer, but THIS is a first:  The grocery chain ALDI is putting out ’80s themed CHEESES based on acts like DEF LEPPARD and GUNS N’ ROSES. The cheeses hit stores TODAY, and they’re a very limited edition thing.  Best of all, they have names…read more »


Listener Writes Song For The Big Cheese Morning Show

We always say that Big Cheese 107.9 has the smartest, best looking and all around most creative listeners in the world.  This was proven once again when Curt Birr, (like brrr it’s cold out) reached out to the Big Cheese Morning Show with an idea for a parody song.  Now this isn’t the first time…read more »

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