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Family Displays More Than 200 Halloween Inflatables

A family in Wayne, New Jersey created a Halloween experience for the neighborhood that includes 218 inflatables!  The family plans on handing out roughly “1,500 candy sacks” for the trick-or-treaters.  read more »


Holy Guacamole! Family Grows 5.6 Pound Avocado

You don’t see this every day.  A family from Hawaii has grown the world’s largest avocado. Guinness World Records confirmed the 5.6 pound avocado is the heaviest on record. Mark, Juliane and Loihi Pokini live on the island of Maui, and said they picked the avocado from their tree in December. They say the certificate…read more »

deer in a salon

A Deer Crashes Through Hair Salon Window

A deer in Long Island, New York did not care that the hair salon was “by appointment only”, when it crashed through the shops front window.  A security camera caught the bizarre incident .  The woman on the couch had a few scratches.    read more »

Huey Lewis

‘Huey Lewis & The News’ Drop New Song

Huey Lewis & The News just released a new song called “Her Love Is Killin’ Me”.  It’s got the classic Huey vocals along with solid horns, guitar and harmonica that made the band a staple in the 80’s.  Today’s release marks the first time we’ve heard new music from the band in over 10 years. …read more »


*Warning* Be Careful With That Bottle of Dry Shampoo

According to a woman’s Facebook post, a bottle of dry shampoo exploded, shattering the sunroof of her daughter’s car.  The bottle was left in the console of her Honda Civic and literally, “blew the console cover off its hinges, shot through the sunroof and went high enough in the air that it landed about 50…read more »

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