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August 33

Things We Could Celebrate In The Month Of August

        AUGUST IS… Admit You’re Happy Month American Adventures Month American Artists Appreciation Month American History Essay Contest American Indian Heritage Month Black Business Month Boomers Making A Difference Month Bystander Awareness Month Child Support Awareness Month Children’s Eye Health & Safety Month Children’s Vision & Learning Month Dog Days of Summer…read more »


Another Day, Another Petition

Halloween has been on October 31st for all of our lifetimes.  But does it HAVE to be? There’s an online petition right now to change the date of Halloween from October 31st to the last Saturday in October. So it would work like Memorial Day, which is always the last Monday in May . . . not…read more »

kit kat

The First Pumpkin Spice Product Of The Year

It’s July, so you know what that means:  PUMPKIN SPICE SEASON?.  Congrats to Kit Kat for breaking the seal and unveiling the first pumpkin spice product of the season. They just announced that Pumpkin Pie-flavored Kit Kats will be on sale nationwide this year . . . in the past, they’ve only been available in…read more »


A “Star Wars” Toy Sold for a Record-Breaking $112,926

Here’s something that Mike and Frank from “American Pickers” only WISH they could’ve uncovered . . .    A prototype of a “Star Wars” action figure sold for $112,926 at an auction last week.  It was a 3.75 inch Boba Fett figure, which never made it to toy stores.     It was put on display at the 1979 New…read more »

ABC's of Metallica

Metallica Is Publishing an Illustrated Children’s Book

  A while back, JAMES HETFIELD said that METALLICA shows became more “family friendly” after he had kids . . . and now, the band is putting out an illustrated CHILDREN’S BOOK. It’s called “The ABCs of Metallica”, and it’ll be out on November 26th.  They say the book “looks back at the history of the band from . . . A to Z!”…read more »

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