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O Cannabis

As of midnight, it is legal to possess and use recreational marijuana in Canada. Provinces and territories will set the parameters of where pot can be purchased and consumed in their boundaries, and the government has sent out mailers to households across Canada notifying them of the new cannabis laws. While adults will be able…read more »


Jalapeno M&M’s Are About To Become A Thing

It looks like M&M’s is going to really start doubling down on the Oreo business model of “let’s release a bunch of strange flavors and, you know, just kinda see what happens.” A picture just leaked of three new, quote, “internationally inspired flavors” of peanut M&M’s.  And they are:  English Toffee . . . Thai…read more »


Jordy Nelson on facing his old friends from Green Bay Friday night

After 10 years with the Packers, Jordy Nelson has traded in the green and gold for the silver and black. He’ll face a lot of old friends when Green Bay travels to Oakland Friday night for the two team’s 3rd preseason game. Regardless of how many reps he gets or how many catches he pulls…read more »

Guitar Record

500 Guitarists Play “Highway to Hell”

500 guitarists in Australia got together at a festival and played “Highway to Hell” by AC/DC at the same time, to set a new world record.  Considering the large group is made up of pickers of all ages and skill levels, they actually sound pretty tight.  read more »


Listen to Toto Sing Weezer’s “Hash Pipe”

After Weezer covered both “Africa” and “Rosanna”, Toto announced they would return the favor by recording their own version of “Hash Pipe”.  Toto chose it because they wanted to do something, quote, “rock ‘n’ roll.”  They road-tested their version Monday night during their gig in Vancouver, and it’s TIGHT. Before launching into the song, singer STEVE LUKATHER said, quote, “We figured…read more »

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