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The Days of Noah’s Ark In The Air Are Coming To an End

Only dogs can be service animals on flights under proposed DOT rule Air travel is going to the dogs. The U.S. Department of Transportation has proposed new rules that would reign in the menagerie of service animals passengers have been carrying on flights under the guise of being service animals – the new rules would…read more »

couch cash

A Guy Found Over $43,000 in a Second-Hand Couch and Returned the Money

A guy in Michigan bought a couch at a second-hand store, then found a box in one of the cushions filled with $43,000.  But instead of keeping it, he tracked down the previous owners and gave it back to them.  It turned out it was their grandfather’s couch, and they didn’t know he’d been stashing…read more »

mustang bullitt

‘Bullitt’ Mustang Sells For A Pretty Penny

Mystery surrounds $3.74M sale of 1968 Mustang Bullitt: ‘Only one person knows’ buyer CLOSE The mystery continues. And so do the tears. The 1968 Ford Mustang Bullitt GT driven by Steve McQueen in Hollywood’s legendary action film of the same name emerged to international celebration after being hidden in a family’s garage for 40 years.…read more »


Does This Remind You of Your Grandma?

A guy posted a video where he has five minutes to pick up his very chatty grandmother and bring her to a family gathering.  But the pickup lasted a half-hour as she moseys around her apartment showing him stuff.  He edited the clip down to a minute.  read more »

80's in the sand

80’s Bands In The Sand

Christmas may be over but here’s something that you can put on layaway for next year.  Check out the upcoming concert and vacation event “80’s in the Sand,” scheduled for October 2020 in Playa Mujeres, Mexico. The lineup for the show includes  Billy Idol, Cheap Trick, and Belinda Carlisle. Other acts set to play are…read more »

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